5 Low Impact Exercises You Need to Try

Low impact exercises are necessary for keeping a good level of fitness and losing weight in a safe and more manageable way. They are generally less likely to cause your body damage and are brilliant for building stamina and cardiovascular health.

It is especially important if you are trying to lose weight to keep your joints in as good condition as possible. High impact exercise like weight lifting or playing squash can damage joints that are already stressed from the added weight, making it much more difficult to exercise in the future. Low impact exercises are perfect for preparing your body for more intense exercise and building and maintaining fitness.

About 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week and some strength training is recommended for keeping older adults fit. This includes all the exercises in our list. Here we have got 5 low impact exercises for you to try.

The ultimate low impact exercise, swimming takes most of the burden of gravity off your tired limbs and joints and allows you to get all-over exercise. The really good thing about swimming is that it can be as intense as you like without running the risk of damaging your body. Of course, injuries do happen but they are rare. If you have never gone swimming, there are adult swimming classes in most towns and cities. It is strongly advised that you get lessons in water safety and technique before you venture into swimming by yourself. Once you are confident in the water, local pools open in evenings and mornings for serious swimmers with no kids around to get in the way.

Swimming is a good form of exercise, it has benefits for the brain and body and can help you keep yourself flexible and strong without ruining your knees, back, and ankles. Cognitive health is very much improved by low-intensity exercise like swimming.

Walking Exercises
Our modern lives mean we sit down a lot, as this author is painfully aware. Simply walking for half an hour a day, you can significantly improve your health. Scientists recommend that you walk in pleasant surroundings, preferably in nature, and that you walk at a speed that is comfortable but leaves you just slightly out of breath.
When you are walking, you can take some dumbbells for extra arm strength. You do not need anything more than comfortable shoes and clothes. A pair of headphones could help if you want to listen to a podcast or some motivating music.

Dancing is Exercise
If you are one for throwing shapes and getting down, or you always wanted to, dancing is one of the best ways of doing low-intensity exercises. You do not have to be good at dancing, and anyway, nobody is watching anyway. If you look like you are enjoying yourself, nobody cares, so go ahead and dance.

Studies have found what everyone already knows: that dancing is good for you. It has immediate physical benefits, increases flexibility, bone density and strength, improves posture and coordination; is intensely social and good for the mind. The depression fighting abilities of regular dancing are remarkable. You get out of the house, meet up with other people, and do something that is pure fun. Forget the self-consciousness, you are dancing for the joy and the benefit of it. Take some tango classes or learn the foxtrot, whatever you do, make sure you are doing it dancing.

Not just for hippies, yoga is for everyone. The combination of slow stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation makes yoga one of the perfect low impact exercises to lose weight with. It does not do much for increasing physical strength to bodybuilder status, but it has been proven to help people lose weight, maintain strength, improve coordination, boost mental health, increase sociability, and promote good dietary habits. Yoga is a fantastic antidote to modern life. It can take you out of your home and get you socializing at the same time as improving your focus and self-esteem.

Cycling has the brilliant combination of going fast and not having to destroy your knees to do it. If you can incorporate regular cycle rides into your weekly routine, you will build up a lot of strength, confidence, and stamina. It is perhaps the most intimate form of transport, nothing helps you feel as connected with your surroundings as cycling through it.

You can go on a spin bike at a gym and experience one of the most intense forms of low-intensity exercise, or you can take your bike for a spin somewhere pretty. If you can raise your heart rate for a period of over 20 minutes or so, you will definitely feel the improvements. Losing weight and maintaining fitness requires you to push yourself regularly, cycling is one of the best ways to do it. You can easily gauge how much your body can take and you can set good targets, like that big hill. Sweat up to the top and cruise down. That’s a good workout.

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