How Yoga for Weight Loss can Improve your Life

Weight Loss Yoga

Everyday, the media bombards us about how we are all getting fatter and less healthy. Every new year, we make a promise to start going to a gym as a resolution.  All those endurance, strength, balance and flexibility exercises you do are so exhausting. With all the heavy workouts, you have a chance of getting injured. Surely, there has to be a less stressful way to lose weight than having a heavily muscled maniac scream in your face as you struggle to breath in a spinning class. What if I tell you there is a way to burn all that unnecessary fat without leaving your humble abode? “Impossible” I hear you say. What I am about to tell you is a cheaper and non-exhausting way to burn all those calories.

What is Yoga and who it?

Yoga is a type of flexibility exercise that focuses on physical, mental and spiritual practices. It dates back to five thousand years ago in the northern part of India. As yoga masters traveled to the west to spread their knowledge and practices, yoga itself evolved over time. Yoga was believed to rejuvenate our body and prolong our life. In this modern era, yoga is now famous because it helps to burn fat, build muscle tone and the flexibility of our body.

How can Yoga be used for weight loss?

With the popularity of yoga, there are many poses that you can do even if you are just a beginner. Despite being easy to do there are still precautions to take before attempting various poses. Without the burn we usually suffer from after some workouts in the gym, yoga is much more calming to engage in. Yoga is used even for weight loss and there are lots of blogs and articles on how to lose fat. Having a reduced chance of injury makes yoga a better alternative for weight loss. The different postures used for yoga can also promote detoxification in our body. Yoga directly affects weight loss by purging the excess dirt and fats in our body. Below we will look at two yoga types that you can use for faster and even better weight loss practice.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is suitable for both weight loss and strength training. In power yoga, you lift and hold your own weight for a duration of time. It is intense and moves with a fast rhythm. By sweating more, you burn more calories.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

If you want to break a sweat even faster, vinyasa flow yoga might be right for you. With a variety of poses, you can find it both challenging and fun. Flow yoga can push your physical limits with new poses that are great for getting your heart going. Keeping focus with the flow will make vinyasa flow yoga easier and help you relax.

Benefits of Yoga Poses

Since Yoga emerged over 5,000 years ago, there are countless poses that were developed and added over time. They do not all involve having to put your foot around your neck. Here are a few poses that even a beginner can do to improve your physical and mental health:

  • Extended Side Angle Pose
  • Boat Pose
  • Seated-forward bend
  • Upward-facing dog pose
  • Four-limbed staff pose
  • Warrior II Pose

Extended Side Angle Pose 

The extended side angle pose can strengthen your legs knees and ankles, and it also helps stretch your groin, spine, waist, chest, shoulders, legs, knees and ankles. By doing this pose, you can improve your stamina and it helps stimulate your abdominal organs. Before doing the extended side angle pose, you should not have a headache, insomnia or high or low blood pressure.

Boat Pose

The boat pose can strengthen your abdomen, hip flexors, and spine. It can also help with stimulating your kidneys, thyroid, intestines and prostate glands. The boat pose can also assist in relieving stress and improving your digestion. If you have asthma, diarrhea, heart problems, menstruation and when you are pregnant, it is advisable for you not to do boat pose.

Seated-Forward Bend Pose

The seated-forward bend is used for stretching your spine, shoulders, and hamstring. It stimulates the liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus. A seated-forward bend pose can calm the brain, soothe headaches, anxiety, stress, mild depression and significantly reduce fatigue. If you are experiencing menopause symptoms and menstrual discomfort this pose might help you relieve the symptoms. The seated-forward bend pose is not suitable for people with asthma, diarrhea or back injury.

Upward-Facing Dog Pose

This pose is ideal for improving your posture and firming your buttocks. Not only can it improve your posture, it also stretches your chest, shoulders, and abdomen. It is very helpful for people with asthma. It strengthens your spine, arms, and wrists and can also relieve mild depression and fatigue. If you have a back injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, headache or if you are pregnant, this pose is not recommended.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

If you are pregnant or you have carpal tunnel syndrome, it is best to avoid the four-limbed staff pose. A four-limbed staff pose can help with toning your abdomen and strengthening your arms and wrist.

Warrior II Pose

Named after the incarnation of Shiva, a fierce warrior that is said to have a thousand heads, eyes, and feet that wields thousand of clubs and wears a tiger’s skin. The Warrior II pose is said to help with problems such as flat feet, carpal tunnel syndrome, infertility and osteoporosis. It also increases your stamina and strengthens your legs and ankles. It’s not if you’re down with a case of diarrhea, have neck problems, or high blood pressure. The warrior II pose can also relieve your backache.


All proper dieting comes with proper exercise to be more efficient. With adequate discipline and guidance, you can achieve your dream body. Just like those famous actors and actresses, they all undergo disciplined training to develop their physiques. You don’t need to pay money to lose weight, even just watching and following videos online can help you lose more fat in your own home. It is all about how you keep yourself from all those temptations. Staying healthy can boost your confidence considerably and make your life easier.

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