Men’s Fitness: 3 New Workouts to Try

These days there are many ways to go about getting built, losing fat, or staying in condition. There are new workout routines every day, and with new equipment getting popular, there are many ways to go about your workout routine.

In this blog we’d like to give you 3 of the latest workout plans to try, depending on your fitness goals. You can also mix and match different exercises from each one to tailor-make your own routine. We also want to give you some simple pointers that will help you achieve your dream body in no time.

Work-Outs To Try

Fat Melting Routine

4 sets of Barbell Man Maker: Barbell Man Maker combines the up and down of a burpee while adding a barbell press for some extra fat burning.

(Source: Men’s Health)

Jump Rope:
We suggest perfecting your jump rope skills and rhythm if you are fairly new to it in order to get all the benefits of this rad fat burning exercise. Once you’ve mastered it try out the HIIT method for the highest possible results.

  1. 10 minutes of Shadow Boxing
  2. 15 Reps (rest 1 minute between) of:
  3. 40 seconds Box Squat (as many as possible in 40 seconds)
  4. 40 seconds Skater Jumps
  5. 40 seconds Stepup Jumps
  6. 10 reps/minute of Goblet Squats for 10 minutes

One of the most important parts to burning fat is speeding up your metabolism to get rid of fat quicker and in a healthy way. For this, we suggest: eating plenty of protein at every meal, doing high-intensity workouts or heavy lifting, drinking more cold water, and drinking green or oolong tea.

Full Body Muscle Defining Routine

  1. 5 Reps of Squats (you will need a squat rack)
  2. Rest 120 seconds
  3. 5 Reps of Barbell Overhead Presses
  4. Rest 60 seconds
  5. 5 Reps of Weighted Pull-ups
  6. Rest 90 seconds

REPEAT circuit 5 times (completing 5 sets) resting the indicated amount of time between each exercise. You’ll see the muscles you want in a blink of an eye.

Pro tip: If you want to tone or define a certain set of muscles, we recommend doing low-intensity high-repetition sets 2 times a week in addition to this workout. Focus on toning the specific muscles you’re looking to tone or define and exercise those muscles.

Hardcore Conditioning Routine

  1. Battle Ropes: High intensity sets, as many as you can do for 10 minutes. Rest until you catch your breath, not more.
  2. Sprints: Sprint for 10 minutes. The varied terrain is good and will help you get to your goal. Rest until you catch your breath.
  3. Medicine Ball Toss: Toss the medicine ball over one shoulder, go back, pick it up and throw it over the other. Repeat throughout 10 minutes. The ideal weight of the medicine ball is 100lb more or less depending on your capability. Rest until you can catch your breath.
  4. Fast Jump Rope: Jump as fast as possible throughout 10 minutes. Switch up your method if you can. Rest until you can breathe steadily again.

REPEAT the set in the order you did them 2 or 3 times. (we suggest starting out with 2 reps).

The key to conditioning is switching between high-intensity high-repetition exercises, and not getting too comfortable with one. The goal of conditioning is to build muscle, strength, condition, and metabolism. It is hard, but it is going to prepare your whole body for any physically demanding activity out there.

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