Weight Lifting Tips For Beginners

Beginning a new style of workout is sometimes a bit hard and overwhelming because we usually don’t know how to start off correctly. This actually has a huge impact on whether or not you will continue to do this kind of exercise, and on what it does to your body. If you start out by doing what you should, then the chances of you sticking to the routines and getting the results you want are very high. So, don’t get discouraged, we have all the information you need to know to get on track! Weight training, in particular, can be quite intimidating.

In this blog, we would like to let you in on a couple of different articles containing tips and exercises that will help you begin on your fitness journey “on the right foot”. We want you to be able to achieve your fitness goals, and for that we want you to find the perfect beginner’s routine that suits your needs. No matter when you start, we believe that you can start working towards your goal. Below you will find information for women, men, and people over 50, so stay tuned and find the information you need to start getting the body you want right away.

Weight Lifting Techniques For Beginners

Strength Training for Women

There are many ways a woman can begin to work out and build muscle; but the way she starts is crucial to the form her body will grow accustomed to, thus making the first month of her workout essential in creating the shape and muscle she wants.

First of all, it is important for a woman to think about what muscles she most wants to prioritize. This does not mean that she is just going to focus on these parts of her body and neglect the rest. It is important because she needs to build her workout routine around them and create her workout program around her goals.

Now let’s go through some great muscle building and body toning forms that might work:

  1. One leg barbell squats with no weight. This will allow her body to begin to strengthen her legs and begin to build lean muscle in her glutes and core.
  2. Chest version dips. These will use her own body weight in order to strengthen her arms, chest, back, and core.
  3. Cable flyes on a flat bench. This exercise will isolate her chest and shoulder muscles and rapidly begin to tone her whole arms.
  4. Plank. This is a really great exercise to incorporate into any kind of workout routine because it works with the whole body and really gets the core in shape and ready for more intense workouts in the future.

Also focusing on cardio is a great idea in order to begin to condition her heart, promote fat loss, and decrease the time it takes to recover from exercises in the future. Many kinds of cardio exist and doing cardio that you like is almost as important as doing the cardio itself, since it should be for around 20 minutes a day. And although cardio isn’t everyone’s favorite, it will give her quicker results and will help her much more than she can imagine the first days of her routine.

Weight Lifting for Men

Men produce much more testosterone than women do, so the way they build muscle is different and usually on a much larger scale than women. When men weightlift and focus on growing muscle, their body becomes very toned and subsequently begins to grow more and more muscle. So, focusing on full body workouts is essential, since if there is a part of the body he is neglecting, it will be visible.

Some of these exercises may work well for beginning men:

  1. Dumbbell squat. A great way to start toning his legs, glutes, and core.
  2. Farmer’s walk with heavy dumbbells. This exercise is good to strengthen shoulder stabilizers, front deltoids and will improve his grip strength by almost double. This will allow him to transfer the necessary amount of strength into other exercises down the line.
  3. Back curl. In order to build his back muscles up, he must begin to strengthen them, and this is the perfect exercise for that. If he does this exercise he will be able to start lifting heavier weights later and will already have the lean muscle to build on.
  4. Dead bug. For a fancy style crunch, he should try to do a dead bug to get all the muscles in the body going.

Focusing on good form is also an essential part of obtaining symmetrical, proportionate, and natural looking muscles. Take the abs, for example: if a man has been doing inconsistent or incorrect form, his six-pack will actually show it. Of course, he is building muscle and getting more toned, but if he doesn’t pay attention to firm his abs will sometimes result in looking lopsided or not symmetrical. So, if there is one thing he should focus on, it should be his form and maintaining it throughout his workout journey.

Muscle Strengthening for 50+

As people age, there are a couple of things that make it harder for them to lose weight, build muscle, and have the endurance they used too when they were a bit younger. It is completely natural to lose strength, endurance, and the ability to burn fat; but it should not stop anyone from beginning to get the body they want.

The most important part of this kind of routine is focusing on the major muscles in their body – the ones that keep their back straight, align their hips and strengthen their arms. Building these up again will actually help many kinds of fatigue and troubles since these are basically in charge of keeping the body together and working properly in that aspect.

So, some exercises that may help them are:

  1. Lap pulldown. These are great to begin to strengthen their back muscles and will help also with arm strength and endurance.
  2. Leg press. Great for strengthening their lower body, this exercise uses their own weight to begin to tone and build up endurance where it is needed.
  3. Seated ball twist. This will be really good for strengthening the main core muscles and making the center of the body as strong as ever. Using a big yoga ball is great for these since they require a wider grip, thus creating a bit more tension on their abs. Creating this focus on the main muscles will turn their life around absolutely, and will improve how their body feels in no time.
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