Your Health and Nature: The Benefits of Nature and the Outdoors

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Health is wealth. If there is something we should look after more than anything, it would be our health. Our health should take top priority over everything else. Our lives depend on how we take care of our bodies, what we eat, how much sleep we get and the environment we place ourselves in. Nature has many wonderful benefits. Along with being visually beautiful and pleasant to be around, it can help with our overall wellness. Have you ever thought about how pollution affects our bodies? Have you ever wanted to just get away from it all and immerse yourself in what mother nature has provided for you? In this article, we will go over the health benefits of nature.

Outdoors: The Benefits of Nature We Should Know

We will be happier
Being close to mother nature and being outdoors by walking for just an hour in lush forests or nearby bodies of water will make us less anxious. It will give us a mood boost. By merely looking at pictures of greenery, we can experience some sense of peace.

Nature is good for our health and well being.

Immune System – Indulging in a bath with the trees (forest therapy) will do wonders for our immune system. Trees and plants contain a substance called Phytoncide. This substance derived from the Latin words “Phyton” (plant) and “cide” (exterminate), generally means “the aroma of the forest.” The plants and trees use this substance to protect themselves from insects and germs. We can inhale it by a walk with nature to help our body produce specialized white blood cells called Natural Killer (NK) for our immune system.

Heart Health and Blood Pressure. – Being outdoors, especially in nature, will lower our cortisol (responsible for stress), lower pulse rate and blood pressure. It can calm us down.

Stronger workout – Running outdoors will exert more energy than running indoors on a treadmill. Also, we will be less likely to injure ourselves. We can flex our ankles all the better outdoors under the sun and either walk or run on a downhill or uphill terrain, with the same distance as a treadmill but much better for our health.

Biological clock – Dark skies at night can boost the functioning of our biological clock. Besides, the nocturnal release of our hormone melatonin this helps increase the amounts of estrogen in our bodies, reducing the likelihood of breast cancer.

Healthy aging – As we age, it would be beneficial for ourselves to spend more time outdoors than wallowing indoors. Besides, there’s a considerable difference for elders with dementia spending less time outdoors from the ones spending more time outside.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – being outdoors will help fight symptoms of SAD: which causes feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, and sadness.

Nature is good for our senses and creativity.

It Smells Good – the aroma of the forest (forest therapy) will help our sense of smell. The smell of nature is far better than the smell of toxic air pollution.

It Sounds Good – there are benefits in natural sound and silence than the noise of this world. A sound expert, Julian Treasure, chairman of The Sound Agency, states that even the sound of the birds chirping can benefit us. We can find peace in birds (wild and not caged) singing for us.

Nature’s water is good for our body and soul – looking at bodies of water gives us peace and calm. Walking near and alongside it and if we’re brave enough, dipping into it will be more beneficial. The cold water will dilate blood vessels and expel toxins, encouraging our body to release feel-good endorphins. Another is that it contains negative ions that are a natural antidepressant.

Creativity – “Modern multitasking over-taxes brain areas that are involved in suppressing distractions, thinking creatively, and developing a sense of identity.” said David Strayer, Ph.D., a Professor in Cognition and Neural Science at the University of Utah. The discovery of backpacking for a few days with nature will improve creativity by 50% is relatively significant.

Motivation – a study showed that the best way to motivate learning is to bring it outside. Better learning happens outdoors compared to indoor education.

We can improve our social life
We can organize and join activities involving groups and meeting new people. We can go hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, group jog, friendly marathons, or even just an after-dinner stroll with our partner outdoors. Our interpersonal communication skills will also improve.

Experience VS Technology – we can release ourselves from being technology-restrained. We can strengthen the relationships we have in our family by going outside together without the virtual world. We can encourage ourselves, especially the children to put the gadgets down and play outside instead. Being outdoors will develop the fitness and fuels the imagination of children.

We can discover more from just being close to mother nature. Besides, we can also learn something from ourselves through reflection; we can strengthen relationships with our family and to other people. What’s better than that? We become healthy and at the same time, the best version of ourselves. Believe it or not, nothing would ever compare.

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