Cheap and Healthy Meals: Looking After Yourself on a Budget

Cheap Healty Meals

Have you considered what you want to eat today? Do you have any preferences? Have you considered eating out? We know some restaurants you are sure to love! No? Oh, we forgot, you’re on a budget. Fair enough, after all you’re just being practical and want to feel good after a healthy meal. We will have to prepare to eat in.

We love sandwiches and yogurts as much as the next guy, but sometimes we need real food–delicious and healthy food. So we will have to make a trip to the store. We can arrange something truly delicious, for low cost and high nutritional value. That sounds like a better plan. But, what to make to assure you do not break the bank?

The amount of time we find ourselves conflicted on what to eat is outlandish. We want something delicious, healthy, easy to prepare and, above all, affordable. An easy solution would be to have budget-friendly dinner recipes. But, do you already have a list of cheap healthy meal options at the ready? If not, we’ll help you gather up a few simple ingredients with some quick, healthy meal ideas for easy recipes that you are sure to love.

Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (we need them because our body does not create them and they’re essential). Salmon has other health benefits:

  • It is a great source of protein
  • It is high in B vitamins
  • It is a good source of potassium
  • It is loaded with selenium (for our bones)
  • It contains the antioxidant astaxanthin (to lower the risk of heart disease)
  • It can help fight inflammation
  • It may protect brain health

Perhaps most importantly, it is also a delicious and versatile fish. It has a less distinctly “fishy” taste compared to other commonly eaten fishes, and you can have it any way you like: steamed, fried, grilled, etc. Brown sugar is a great addition since it’s known to boost energy levels, prevent colds, treat uterine infections, improve digestion, and aid in weight loss.

The recipe is easy and it will take you only 15 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to bake. Good for eight servings already for just 1 salmon fillet (2-½ pounds). Try this with your family, as it is quick and affordable.

Sweet Potato Leaves Salad:

If you’re a vegetarian and you prefer salads, we suggest you try this sweet potato leaves salad idea. Sweet potatoes are able to lower our blood sugar levels and cholesterol, regulate our bowel movements, boost our immune systems, and help to prevent infections and other diseases. In many tropical countries, the supply of sweet potatoes was enough that they eat them daily. This dish will cost just 5 minutes to prepare and another 5 minutes to cook. It’s easy and cheap.

Spicy Tuna Guacamole Bowls:

Like salmon, tuna is a great source of the nutrients our body needs. The benefits are similar and they can both be used as a dietary food. You just have to choose which one you would like to try first. Guacamole main ingredient, avocado, is known to be a superfood considering its wide variety of nutrients and minerals.

Avocado has more potassium and fiber than bananas and it can also reduce cholesterol. This is a healthy dish which you can serve to your whole family. If you include rice, brown rice is a healthier side dish than white rice.

Beef and Peas in Your Curry Dishes:

If you use lean slices of beef, you will surely experience the “beefy” goodness without all of the fat. Many prefer beef cuts over pork chops, and that’s understandable since it is far healthier than pork.

Beef is an excellent source of protein, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, and phosphorus. In addition to beef, curry plays an important role in metabolism, antibacterial effects, healthy bones, detoxifying the liver and relieving pain. On the other end, peas are higher in protein than carrots. Also, peas have dietary fiber, vitamin A, iron, folate, thiamin, vitamin C, and manganese. It’s a cheap and healthy meal that you can prepare in 15 minutes and cook in 30 minutes.

Slow Cooker Chicken:

This dish is quite time-consuming but it’s worth it. Chicken meat may be high in cholesterol, but it can be healthy if you we keep it lean. Chicken breasts are less fatty than chicken thighs. Chicken also rich in proteins, contains antioxidants, also has selenium and can improve your immune system.

The dish will take 15 minutes of preparation and 4 hours of cooking time. If you have the time, we suggest you introduce this meal to your family. Add your favorite veggies and seasoning for fresh flavors.

Turkey Burgers:

Americans love burgers. It is considered a cheat food by many. As a healthy alternative to beef burgers, we recommend turkey burgers to your growing list as a must-try. With just 20 minutes of preparation time and 10 minutes of cooking time, you can enjoy a great filling meal. Regardless calories and fats in turkey, like other meats, we can get vitamin B, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and zinc–all notably important nutrients.

Chicken and Lime Soup:

If you want something that’s good for cold weather, we suggest you try this dish. I’m sure you are familiar with chicken soup. It’s filling and flavorful, and a comforting classic. This particular dish though has a twist because of the added lime.

Lime is beneficial because it rejuvenates our skin, improves our digestion, reduce infections, helps in weight loss, lower blood sugar, helps in heart disease, and reduces inflammation. Adding lime to your neck chicken soup is sure to be a treat. The entire dish will require only 10 minutes of preparation time, and 1 hour and 15 minutes of cooking time.

With these cheap and healthy recipes or meal ideas, we hoped that you can now enjoy more than just your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and greek yogurts. We would love to hear from you soon as you update us about your experiences on trying these dietary suggestions in your own kitchen. Feel free to adapt the ideas as they suit your needs.

It’s not bad to look after yourself when you’re on a budget. It is only unfortunate if you limit yourself just because you’re afraid to try new things. Let’s compromise that fear and turn it into something adventurous.

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