How to Detox After Eating Too Much

We’ve all left the dinner table feeling bloated and a little remorseful. When the food is so good you just have to have that extra bite, and when you think you can’t eat anymore, out comes the beautiful little dessert tray offering you sweet tasting demise. It happens to the best of us.

What can you do once the damage is done? Actually, there are some very effective and useful ways to detox your body after eating too much. Many of these methods are effective towards removing the excess from your body and also towards helping you feel less bloated and overall, better.

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What to Eat and Drink to Detox After Eating Too Much

One of our favorite methods to detox is by drinking hot water and lemon juice. It is a fresh tasting feel-good potion that works every time. The lemon has digestive properties that will help your body break down food; while it also has detoxing enzymes that move through your liver and digestive tract and remove any excess elements and cleanses them. Putting the lemon juice in hot water simply helps it activate and disperse quicker.

Another great way to detox your digestive system is by eating lots of fiber rich foods like dark leafy greens and fruits like apple and pineapple. The fiber will do its job and sweep through your digestive system removing with it all the excess food that wants to stay. It will also help your bowel movements stay regular and not miss a beat.

Putting fiber-rich food and citrus juice into a blender also makes for a great detox smoothie cleanse that is great for on-the-go lifestyles. All you need to do is pile in the greens and the juice and blend away. You can also count on getting all your daily vitamins and minerals in the smoothie because leafy greens are packed with them! You may want to drink your green smoothie a couple of days in a row in order to make sure you’ll be on top of the world for the rest of the week.

Fiber-rich foods also help your body’s probiotic ecosystem to stay healthy and functioning at top speed. They feed the probiotics as well as create an ideal environment for them. This will also help you digest your food properly.

Natural teas such as chamomile tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, hibiscus tea and cinnamon tea will aid in digestion and help the bloating effect the extra food has on your body. A nice warm cup of tea with a squeeze of lemon juice in it will produce marvelous effects and will leave you feeling energized and looking great.

Fun Fact: Cinnamon tea and hibiscus tea are also great for period pains and bloating. In the Mexican culture, they are believed to help women’s reproductive system, and are always go-to period cramp remedies!

Drinking a lot of water will also help your body flush out any toxins, and will aid any other detoxing foods and drinks you have been ingesting. Many times when you drink detox teas and smoothies the toxins are eliminated through urine, so it is good to keep a good supply of water on-hand.

Activities That Help to Detox Your Body

Of course, exercise is one of the best ways to get things moving through your body. It will help your digestive system do its job, and it will also help you sweat your toxins out. So try going out and getting some cardio done and maybe some stretches; you’ll feel much better in no time.

Going to the sauna is a great way to both unwind and get rid of toxins. Try making it both a day for your mind and a day for your body. Go and sweat it out for 20 or 30 minutes after you eat too much, and you’ll see how much better you feel.

Swimming is another great way to get exercise and to help your body break down food. It is also great to swim when you are feeling bloated because it kind of takes the edge off when you are floating. Water does wonders.

Not a big fan of running? Try going for a little hike on your local trails. That will get your body in movement and your mind a break from the city bustle. You don’t necessarily have to run or jog to get your heart rate going, so hiking for 40-50 minutes can be a great option! Try taking your lemon water or peppermint tea with you for extra support.

The final and best activity to do to help you will be to try and cut down on bad habits. Yes, we know, it was just too good of a pasta dish to put the fork down; but it is in your best interest to try and cut down on the number of days you eat too much. That way you don’t have to go through this detox process once a week! Your digestive system will be very thankful and your moods will reflect it.

Anyway, know that we all have days when we eat too much, and it is completely normal to feel very full, tired, and bloated afterward. We should all put in the efforts necessary to start cutting down on our overeating. So don’t feel alone and know that with these simple remedies you’ll be back on top in no time!

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