How To Eat Healthier During The Holiday Season

What is nice about the holidays? Everything! People look forward to these occasions because we may get time off work and get to relax with family. Usually, many of us prepare baked foods, sweets, junk food, drink alcoholic beverages. The season of Thanksgiving and Christmas is an exciting time in that regard. It’s the party season! However, there’s so much temptation and we perhaps may overindulge in unhealthy foods that are less than good for our health.

More often than not, the holidays mean food- a lot of food. Going to an outing, attending a birthday party and celebrating thanksgiving day is definitely impossible without food. During holidays, delicious foods are everywhere. You may not want to stop until you’re beyond full. While, of course, a treat is warranted during celebrations, there are things you can try to stay relatively healthy.

Excessive consumption of unhealthy food during the holiday season can wreak havoc with your healthy eating plan and routine. On the contrary, when foods and recipes are made with proper planning and discipline, you can surely avoid weight gain as well as health problems. Here are some tips for hosting a holiday dinner:

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When You Are The Holiday Host

Shop Wisely, Be Mindful
Hosting events and parties can be stressful from figuring out what food to provide to organizing the venue of the party. As you are assigned to prepare the food, from appetizer up to the main course, list all the ingredients you will use. Read nutrition labels carefully.D uring shopping, be mindful about the products on the ingredients list. As much as possible buy your ingredients at a public market as they provide fresh veggies and fruits, and probably cheaper items.

Grocery stores can be overwhelming if you’re not in the right mood and the selection of products available can be overwhelming. During the holiday season, the grocery store may be so stressful that you buy the first thing you see and want to get out as soon as possible. Thus, it is better to go shopping during off peak hours. Then you can take your time reading the labels and choosing the best ingredients to make healthy meals. Not only that, but you can also try to get items from the outside of the store where you can find whole and more nutritious foods.

Lighten Up Your Recipes, Prepare Food Yourself

After shopping wisely, it’s now time to prepare food. Preparing a clean holiday meal is the best way to ensure that you and your guests will be eating healthy and delicious food. While many holiday meals are associated with high and rich calories food, you can find other options that are ready and available. You can achieve healthy eating even on holiday by reducing fats and calories. Instead of oil, use margarine or a butter baked, replace one egg with two egg whites to cuts cholesterol, use fat-free creamy and reduce fat-cheese in casserole and salad.

Lighten up your recipes and make them yourself. While holiday parties may offer delicious food, it is more important to make fruit and vegetable as the stars of the meal. Be sure to have a fruit or vegetable in the table and feature the plates with high protein diets. Diets with high proteins are likely to satisfy you, that means, you can be less likely to overeat. And instead of high-fat dressing, you can drizzle your greens with balsamic vinegar or also squeeze of lemon. You can make your own sauce than purchasing a bottle one.

When making a full meal or appetizer, fruits and veggies must be added to your meals. You can cook them in a way that celebrates their natural flavors rather than hiding them by putting heavy glazes or sauces. Instead of tossing the cream of mushroom soup and fried onions for a green bean casserole, you can toss fresh beans with oil, garlic and sea salt then roast them in the oven for light, crisp and healthy side dish.

When You Are The Guest

Keep Track On The Food You Eat, Don’t Skip Your Meals, Eat Regularly
The practice of “skipping meals to avoid calories during the holidays” is not advisable. It may lead you to overeat and make poor food choices. What is excellent and recommendable is to follow the clean eating plan. Eating regularly can keep your energy high, blood sugar stable, and fatigue at bay. 200 calories of mini roast pork sandwiches and a piece of fruit or vegetable side dish are already perfect small meal before going to a holiday party.

Skipping meals will make you overeat during the next meal and even tempted to be more indulge in unhealthy foods caused by extreme hunger. Be sure to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and practice having a snack such as healthy fruits and nuts in between meals. You can also make a food diary to ensure you are staying committed to the goal of eating healthy and clean. Food diaries are a great way of accurately recording what you’re eating.

Downsize Your Party Plate, Limit Beverages, And Avoid Too Much Dessert

Researched shows that when someone is at a party, they tend to fill his or her plate with no thought of portions. As a result, many nutritionists suggest that you can avoid that by downsizing your meals. While small plates are present in the clean kitchen, it is notably more important during the holiday when food temptation is everywhere.

Limit your alcohol intake. When you are at a holiday party, limit yourself to a certain amount of alcoholic drinks, but you can start with non-alcoholic drinks, low-calorie drinks, and a diet soda or fresh water to quench your thirst. You can drink alcoholic beverages to enjoy the holiday party but make sure that you know your limitation to maintain a healthy diet during those seasons. Drink water as much as possible.

While nobody can resist sweets treats such as chocolates, cakes, and other desserts, avoid too much of them. However, do not deprive yourself of eating dessert just because you want to be healthy even on holiday. You can still make a dessert from fresh whole fruits such as berries.

Enjoy with Limit
Nobody can hinder your enjoyment of holiday foods and treats. However, do not neglect to be healthy during the holiday season. Of course, it is not wrong to enjoy yourself on holidays, but you don’t want to have to start all over again if you’ve aleady gotten yourself into a regular healthy eating routine.Ethan Zohn Campaign

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