How to Function on Very Little Sleep

Lack of sleep is sometimes a sign of a busy lifestyle or an over-active mind. We often go to bed too late or sometimes we just cannot wind down. Sometimes tradition ways of inducing sleep just don’t work. Everyone knows that the optimum hours of sleep is the magic eight hours but sometimes that doesn’t happen and we just don’t get as many hours as we need.  If this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place as today we are talking about how to function on little sleep. Read on to learn more.

Drink water
You feel even more exhausted when you are dehydrated. Regardless of how much sleep you’ve had, if you’re not drinking enough water you will feel tired. The more you drink, the more awake and alert you will feel. You could always add a little fruit to your water for that extra zing. If you drink more, you’ll need to pop to the toilet a little more frequently and those little breaks from your desk at work will keep you more active which is, in turn, another way to ensure you don’t fall asleep on the job!

Get that blood circulating
It seems implausible to engage in exercise when you feel like you are running on no fuel. However, exercise is a brilliant way of waking up. It boosts your adrenaline levels and your energy and speeds up your metabolism too. This will help you get through the day until you can try and get some more shut-eye. It also helps you to sleep better when you do get to bed. If an exercise class isn’t your thing then try taking the stairs at work instead of the lift.

Have smaller meals
Large, carb-filled meals will make you feel sleepy. Try having some light, lean meals that are full of protein. Also, consider eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, and chicken. These foods will help to keep you awake if you’re looking at how to function on little sleep.

Get some fresh air
Head outside in the afternoon if you can. The afternoon light will boost your vitamin B and vitamin D levels. It will also give your mood a lift and help keep your immune system in check. The immune system is most definitely at risk if you’re trying to survive on little sleep.

Use Cold Water to your advantage
If you’re in the office, splash some cold water on your face, neck and wrists as this will help stimulate you into a more wakeful state. Of course, if you’re at home, a full cold shower would most definitely do the trick.

Do something different
If you’re stuck doing the same thing for hours on end it’ll do nothing for keeping you awake! Your mind needs stimulating so try something different if you can. Switch it up and swap from one task to another.

That’s right, chew yourself awake. Research has shown that chewing gum will give you a temporary boost and help to keep you awake. The effects don’t last for very long though.

Keep it simple
Don’t start a really complex tax on a day when you’re wondering how to function on little sleep! Tone down your tasks if you can and leave the difficult jobs for another day. Try delegating tasks to other people too!

Avoid driving
It might seem like a simple thing but driving when exhausted is as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol. It’s a big no-no so please avoid it! Try taking the bus, car sharing or even a taxi. Bonus if you get to nap en route!

Take a Nap
Have one! Even a short 20-25-minute nap will power you through enabling you to have a much more productive afternoon and evening. Of course, not all of these tips are for every person, especially if you’re suffering from chronic lack of sleep. Everyone should make sleep a priority in their lives but sometimes that just isn’t possible (particularly if you have a new baby, for example!). If it isn’t possible then you should do your utmost to make up for it during the day. Sometimes all you can do is make yourself feel a little less awful in the lack-of-sleep survival! Surviving on little sleep is no fun but hopefully, for you it is just a temporary thing. Let us know which of our tips you have tried and if you have other tips of your own on how to function on little sleep!

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