Workouts to Do at Your Desk

Not everyone has enough free time to do long and repetitive workouts. However, there are workouts perfect for all types of schedules and lifestyles! If you work long periods of time on a computer or electronic device, if you finish a lot of paperwork at your desk or you simply find yourself sitting too much in the comfort of your home; these simple desk workouts are perfect for you. It is physically unhealthy to sit for long periods of time, but these workouts will help to keep you moving.

Sitting for Long Periods of Time – Why Is It Bad for Our Health?

It might seem harmless, but sitting non-stop for long periods of time is bad for our bodies. When sitting, our bodies use less energy than they do while standing or moving. This has been shown to cause obesity, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels and abnormal cholesterol levels. That can lead to metabolic syndrome. No matter what type of sitting, even if it’s driving, can be harmful. People who sit more than eight hours a day and do no physical activity have a higher risk of dying by causes similar to smokers or people suffering from obesity.

However, there is a solution to this problem. 60 to 75 minutes a day of moderately intense physical activity counters the effects caused by sitting. In reality, physical activity is absolutely necessary for a healthy body, mind and life in general. The problem is, not everyone has the time to do exercise every day; due to working schedules, family life and school. However, there really is a type of exercise for everyone. No matter if you are working at your desk, writing a school paper or watching a movie, try out these exercises and watch as they improve your everyday life and health greatly.

Workouts for Your desk or Chair – A Healthy Work Life

Everyone is different and everyone needs a different type of exercise and workout. Most importantly, find the time. Discover what is right for you and create your own little routine. Try to do this routine every 30-45 minutes between sittings. This will allow you to stretch your back, legs, knees and hips and even get rid of stress caused by working. Exercise has been proven to improve moods, fight depression, anxiety and stress and help with weight control. Try out some of these simple exercises and choose what’s perfect for you.

Simple stretches – Before any time of workout or sport stretching is always necessary. Before starting out your desk routine, stretch and get your “blood moving”. Every little bit counts. Any type of stretching and “warm ups” are great; here are some you can try. Reach for the starts; reach up to the sky with your finger interlaced, your arms straight and keep your palms facing the ceiling. Look to the sides; stretch your neck by turning your head to the left and looking over your shoulder; hold this for a few second then repeat on the other side.

Other stretches include the knee hugger; with a knee bent, lift your left leg and grab it with your arms, pull it in closely to your chest and hold for 10 to 15 seconds then do it the other way. The reach and bend is also very effective. Extend your left arm over your head and reach far to the right, gently bending over to your side; hold this position for a few second and do the other side. These warm ups are simple examples but you can choose and find what you like the most.

Run in Place – It might sound simple, but it is very effective. With limited amounts of space, running in place is one of the best exercises you can do at your desk. It gets your heart rate up and depending on the intensity it can even help you lose weight. Wall, jog or run in place 3-5 rounds of 45 seconds. If you want a bigger challenge you can bring your knees up to the level of your waist and run in pace for longer periods of time.

Push-Ups – This exercise is a little more intense compared to other workouts but if done correctly, it won’t exhaust the body too much. If you don’t have enough space or simply do not want to get on your office floor, you can use the wall, the edge of a study chair or your desk. 3 times of 10 reps however you choose fit. However, if you are going to do push-ups on a wall, desk or with a chair make sure they are steady and can withstand your weight. You don’t want to get hurt while trying to get healthier!

Wooden Leg – This exercise will strengthen your lower back and legs. The best part about this exercise is you can do it sitting in your comfy chair! Sit in a sturdy chair, extend you left leg straight in front of you; hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds. Next, raise your leg as high as you can and hold again. Repeat this 15 times with each leg. You can keep your hands the armrests for additional balance. This workout is a big help for our lower back, which is one of the most affected areas from sitting.

Chair Squats – This exercise is called “chair squats” because you can do it in the comfort of your chair! Simply stand up and sit back down in your chair, repeat 10 to 15 times. Make sure the chair you use is not too tall and that your feet rest comfortably on the floor. You can do this simple exercise throughout the day and do as many repetitions as you prefer. Furthermore, if you want a more intense workout and you have enough space, try normal squats and repeat the same amount of times. If need some extra balance, hold on to your desk with your fingers, to avoid a fall.

Seeking a Healthier Lifestyle

Keeping an eye on our health is incredibly important and that includes how much physical activity we are doing. Work and school is more than important, however it can sometimes fill up our schedule and make it hard to find time for self-care and improvement. With these workouts, you can always find the required time and space to get your body moving. Most importantly; stop making excuses. If you don’t have enough room in your office, try the conference room if it’s not being used! Try to look for a way to do physical activity to keep healthy and fit and remember; do not sit for so long!

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