5 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety Remedies

Anxiety is the most common mental health problem among the population. Have you ever felt exceptionally paranoid for no good reason? Are you scared of getting rejected or misunderstood? Anxiety can result in creating problems with no discernible basis and our minds racing to the worst case scenario of a minor issue. Anxiety can cause social anxiety. We overthink our mannerisms and what we say, we worry we’ll be judged by others and social situations become overwhelming. Anxiety is many things. There are many natural methods that can help you fight anxiety.

Anxiety, What is it and How Does it Happen?

Anxiety consists of intense feelings of worry and restlessness that you seemingly cannot control. Some people are often accused of simply worrying to much and told they need to relax. What others may not realize, is that this person may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. For the sufferer, these worries can be traumatic, unyielding and take over their mind. It cannot be simply shut off by being told to relax. Some anxiety sufferers cannot stand being in crowds as it can overload their senses and increase paranoid thoughts. Intrusive thoughts, which are uncontrollable and often disturbing can be quite traumatic. These symptoms are all part of the fabric of anxiety disorders and more than something than be simply dismissed by a reassuring remark.

Anxiety can come from different factors like being stressed at work, school or even at home. Stress is one of the greatest factor an anxiety patient experiences. Stress can make you lose concentration on what you are doing. Excessive use of medication or even illicit drugs can cause a psychological effect to our brain making it a factor that can cause anxiety. Even past or childhood experience such as psychological trauma caused by the death of a family or loved one. These factors can trigger anxiety, being bullied when you are young or being mistreated as a child can greatly affect your mental health as you grow. Anxiety can be categorized in different types:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder and its Symptoms

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can be defined as a display of excessive anxiety for months. The symptoms that can be seen if you are suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder are restlessness, irritability, muscle tension, easily fatigued due to sleep problems and difficulty in concentration.

    Social Anxiety Disorder and its Symptoms

    Socially awkward people usually suffer from a Social Anxiety Disorder, where they fear social interactions or social situations. They tend to expect being judged, rejected or they fear to offend others. Being highly anxious with other people or being self-conscious are symptoms that you can experience when having a social anxiety disorder. You tend to be very afraid of other people thinking they will judge you. You tend to avoid places with lots of crowds. In some cases, people that suffer from social anxiety get nauseous or sick in the stomach when people or a group surround them.

    Panic Disorder and its Symptoms

    That sudden fear that you usually experience may lead to a Panic Disorder. A panic disorder is anxiety that causes an immediate period of intense fear, recurrent unexpected panic, palpitations, sweating and an accelerated heartbeat. Sudden attacks of terror, getting worried intensely, getting out of control are the symptoms that a person with panic disorder can feel. They tend to avoid the places where recent anxiety attacks occur.

    5 Natural Remedies or Methods to Help Relieve Anxiety

    Getting over the counter medicine or getting therapy are ways to treat anxiety, but how would you muster up all the courage to talk with a pharmacist or a therapist? Having anxiety is hard that people suffer from them can’t even remove the thought of being judged even by the person that can genuinely help them. Here are some natural remedies or methods that you can do even in your home.

    Food To Eat For Anxiety Relief

    Do you have anxiety? Go take a bite from your favorite chocolate. Chocolate has antioxidant that can lighten up your mood and can help you stay calm during anxiety attacks. Don’t be blue with blueberries, blueberries have a calming effect and can relieve the stress you are experiencing. Whole grain for your brain, rich in magnesium and amino acid called tryptophan that our body converts to serotonin. This helps us to keep calm and improves our mood.

    Inhale and Exhale

    Need to relax? Why don’t you take a deep breath for a second? Deep breathing can stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system, which can calm and brighten our mood and even neutralize stress and anxiety. Take a long deep breath imaging you’re catching your own tension and then deeply exhale imagining you’re letting it all go. Breathing is a very important part of anxiety management.


    Are you feeling blue? Take a run. Getting your heart beat fast can help you beat anxiety. Exercising can boost your self-esteem and lighten your mood. Running is not only good for your anxiety but also good for your physical health too. Running can expel excess energy and help reduce anxiety.

    Keep Calm With The Help Of Oils

    Not cooking oils but essential oils. There are different essential oil that can help soothe our brain and mood. A Cedarwood Oil can help melatonin production and brings overall sense of relaxation. Ylang Ylang oils can be calming and uplifting while Frankincense can help deepen your meditation. CBD oil is also said to be excellent in treating anxiety.


    Herbs are used in many ways since ancient times. They can be used for cooking and for medicinal purposes. There are herbs that can help you treat anxiety such as chamomile to promote relaxation and lavender to lower systolic pressure. Not just these two herbs but also green tea can help you relax your nerves and lift up your mood.

    In conclusion, anxiety is all in our head and how we take it on can be either be good or bad. There are many ways to treat anxiety. In this modern age, answers can be found on the internet. With just a simple click, you can get the answer you wanted. There are also people willing to listen to what you are feeling like a therapist or your family. Healing requires time, just do things at your own pace. Don’t let anxiety burden your everyday life. Always approach ways to help yourself, it all begins in you.

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