5 Things to Do When You a Get a Smoking Craving

Nicotine: one of the most addicting substances on earth. How addicting you may ask? 80% of people who start smoking during adolescence become lifetime smokers. 1 billion people are smokers; that is 20% of the population. Now, if that isn’t realistic enough, take it from the tobacco industry itself. In 1978, Brown & Williamson quoted “very few consumers are aware of the effects of nicotine, its addictive nature and that nicotine is a poison.” If a company that is selling you a product is literally saying it is “poison”, you simply have to believe it’s unfortunately true.

When it comes to smoking cigarettes, there is nowhere around the bad news. It is bad for your health, bad for your life and bad for the people around you. Now, although nicotine is one of the most addicting substances on earth, there is still a way to quit. There really is a solution to every problem; however, the number one key is to want to solve the problem. Do you want to quit smoking? Are you craving a smoke-free life? You can do it! Hundreds of thousands of people are by your side trying to accomplish the same goal as you and just like a support group; people around you will help you through your journey of smoking cessation.

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5 Tips and Tricks for Smoking Cravings

Everyone has a different way of dealing with addiction, so it is important to find what is right for you, to end this fastidious period of your life. Depending on your level of addiction, your preferences and how fast you would like to quit (fast is better), you can choose methods that will allow you to forget and push away nicotine cravings. Deal with the cravings moment by moment, day by day and don’t forget that quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you can ever make.

Distract Yourself
When it comes to quitting any type of addiction, keeping yourself distracted, keeping your hands busy and thinking of other things is incredibly important. This can be anything. Read your favorite book, listen to your favorite song, dance, call a friend, watch a funny TV show, brush your teeth; anything that can take your mind off smoking is essential when quitting.

If you enjoy doing exercise or playing sports, go out and get your blood pressure up and your “blood moving” for 20 minutes or more. This will not only help with your mind craving hits of nicotine, but it will also help with nicotine withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms include weight gain, sleep disturbances, constipation, and mood changes. Surprisingly, exercise and sports are one of the best natural solutions for these symptoms. Furthermore, exercise is a great option if you are quitting and need something to take your mind of things.

Eat a Healthy Snack
While going through the nicotine-free process, you want to make sure you don’t begin other addiction while trying to quit another. Some people will turn to unhealthy foods to help with nicotine craving, making them unhealthier and making the process of quitting more difficult. Some foods and snacks can actually be a big help to the quitting process if chosen wisely. Apples, guava, oranges, berries, celery, cucumbers, carrots, eggplant, zucchini, and milk are all foods that actually make cigarettes smoke taste bad, but in general are super delicious and good for you. Why is this a good thing? They actually make you not want to smoke, due to the bad taste they cause during and after smoking.

Smoothies are also a very healthy and simple snack that will help you with the smoke-free life you’re dreaming of. By adding healthy fruits and veggies to your smoothies, you will be putting back the vitamins and minerals your body is lacking due to smoking; while also making cigarettes taste gross, helping you train your own mind to not crave cigarettes.

Reach Out to Loved Ones
Asking friends and family to help you with anything in life is a smart idea. We all need support and encouragement from our loved ones, no matter what it is. If you are thinking of quitting, do not hesitate to let the people around you know what you’re trying to accomplish and let them help you through your journey. One of the benefits of letting people know you are quitting is that they will not smoke around you (if they are smokers). One of the hardest parts of quitting is being around people who smoke regularly and having to say “no” if offered a cigarette. This is completely understandable and it should be taken into consideration by your loved ones, so it can be easier to bring this addiction to an end.

Take a Deep Breath and Remember Why You Are Quitting
Breathing patterns are one of the things that make smoking so addicting. A big reason why smoking is considered “relaxing” is actually that you are taking deep breaths and tricking your mind into thinking you are de-stressing and calming yourself. When you quit, try to take deep breaths, similar to smoking. Breathe in, hold the breath and breathe out slowly. If you want to feel a similar sensation to smoking, use a straw. Straws are the exact same width and size of a cigarette, and if you need something that feels similar to a cigarette, use a straw and take some “air hits”. It is very effective non-harming and it is also calming.

Before beginning your smoke-free journey, physically or mentally write down your reason why you want to quit. It might seem like a simple solution to a huge problem, but it is actually important to remind yourself why you are making this amazing change in your life. If you want to be healthier and play sports like a total champion, write it down. If smoking is putting a “dent” in your wallet and income, stick some receipts on your fridge; remind yourself how expensive this addiction is. If your loved one is encouraging you to stop smoking, ask them to remind you of this as much as possible. The bottom line is; remember why you are making this big choice and remind yourself that it will bring amazing benefits to your health and your happiness. Last but not least, remember; you can do this!

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