How Meditation Can Boost Your Immune System

How Meditation Reduces Stress

Meditation has many benefits. It can help you to relax better than ever and reduces your stress. It can make you feel better and also reduce the quantity of cortisol in your blood. Furthermore, studies have shown that meditation can reduce anxiety and compels your mind to focus on the solution rather than the problem.

It reduces the respiratory rate and can, therefore, be used in managing conditions like high blood pressure, which is linked to fast respiration rate. You can equally reduce your rate of perspiration and ensure healthy aging with meditation. You can equally experience an improvement in your blood circulation after a meditation session.

Meditation and the Immune System

You may not know, but mediation can equally boost your immune system. Meditation immune system can help you to withstand infections and other ailments so that you can improve your quality of life. However, it must regularly be performed if it must produce the desired result. Despite the noticeable meditation immune system boost, little is understood about how mediation carries out this function.

A new study published in the Translational Psychiatry journal revealed the molecular mechanism involved in how meditation affects the immune system. The study shows that there is an intrinsic element in mediation that is capable of shifting gene expression and boosting the mood. A lighter mood can prevent sickness.

94 women were involved in a study carried out at Harvard Medical School, University of California and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to investigate how meditation ensure immune system boost. Half of the women were subjected to six days of meditation, while the remaining half was sent on vacation for six days.

After the period, blood samples were taken from, the two groups of women and the samples were analyzed for gene expression. The samples were collected for analysis immediately after the six-day period, a month after and ten months later. At the end of the study, it was discovered that the genes examined all showed a shift in gene expression leading to an improvement in wound healing, inflammation control, and stress management. The most obvious change was recorded in the gene involved in fighting against viral infection; thereby enabling the individual to resist such infections and improve quality of life by simply participating in meditation.

Meditation and Healthy Aging

The meditation immune system was not the only result; it as also noticed that the participants recorded a rise in telomerase activity; telomerase is the enzyme involved in building telomere, which is the part of the chromosome that keep the genetic material from unraveling. Telomere shortening occurs naturally over time, and this can expose the individual to a series of chronic illnesses. However, the increase in telomerase activity during mediation session can prevent the individual from experiencing those chronic illnesses and ensure healthy aging.

The study mentioned above equally revealed a rise in two forms of amyloid-beta proteins, both of which are linked to depression and dementia. A better ratio of the proteins is recorded in the group of participants that went for a six-day meditation session. The study confirmed that meditation has both long- and short-term positive effects on the amyloid-beta proteins for an improved immune response.

Also, the concerned group recorded a lower occurrence of depressive symptoms even when tested at the 10-month mark. The results described above indicate that meditation does not just have positive psychological effects, but also the positive physical effect on humans.

Mediation is restoring and can improve immunity aside from relieving stress. Though a lot of discoveries have been made about how meditation can improve the immune response, further studies are still ongoing. The little already discovered should intimate the reader about how important mediation is to healthy living.

Furthermore, studies show that meditation can increase the production of antibodies and T cells. T cells are body soldiers and can fend off infection. After a mediation session, your body scouts for more antibodies called immunoglobulin. The antibodies search for antigens or foreign agents in the body and bind to them so that those foreign agents do not have the opportunity to bring about their negative effect on the body.

The antibodies can also be prepared in readiness pending the time antigens, or foreign agents will invade the body. T cells produced by meditation immune system can also fight against HIV/AIDS. Meditation can improve CD4 cells, which is the main antibody that fights against HIV. HIV can only thrive in the body if the number of CD4 cells reduces. However, any activity or substance that can boost the number of CD4 cells will automatically increase the body’s ability to fight against HIV, and this will cause the virus to reduce in number.

You may not have much time to meditate each day for meditation immune system, but you can dedicate few minutes of your day to it, and you will start seeing positive changes in your ability to manage stress. You will also discover that you will not fall sick too often since the impact of meditation on your health will prevent sickness.

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