How to Handle Stress Before a Job Interview

You’re waiting for the big day to come, your job interview. You probably feel stressed, a little scared, anxious and nervous. Starting a new job or better said applying for a new job is a big deal and it’s a big responsibility. Our bodies and minds react to this and our stress and anxiety levels rise to a higher level. However, is this good or bad?

Stress is a natural reaction in our bodies like any other emotion. Our ancestors needed this physical and psychological reaction, better known as “fight or flight mode” to survive. However, living in a world without saber-toothed tigers and huge dangerous predators roaming around, we do not need to rely on this reaction as much as our ancestors. Nowadays, this psychological reaction benefits us in some ways but it also affects us in many others.

In some circumstances, stress can help us prepare mentally for things to come, to be cautious or more mindful of our actions or push us to be better. Stress can motivate students to study harder if worried about a test, it can inspire people to do better at work or cause people to be more mindful of their behaviors. Nevertheless, the negative effects of stress on the body, mind and on people lives are much larger and numerous than the positive effects.

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The Negative Effects of Stress

As mentioned above, stress can be helpful in our lives, but if ignored, it can become a big problem for our mind and body. The negative effects of stress are not only limited to psychological problems but also physical. The negative effect of stress on the body include higher risks of heart attack, headaches, heartburn, fertility problems and complications, high blood pressure and weekend immune system.

Stress can also have major effects on our mental health including sleep disorders, mood disorders, increased risk of bipolar disease, chronic anxiety disorders, and chronic depression. It can lead people to lose interest in things they once loved and enjoyed, effect social life and even affect eating patterns. Lack of motivation, restlessness, feelings of anger or fear and increased anxiety and depression are all symptoms of stress. This natural emotion, if ignored, untreated or not taken seriously can cause countless negative effects on our mental and physical health.

Handling Stress in a Healthy Way – Solutions and Things to Do

As you can see, stress is not just a small, insignificant problem, it is a serious mental issue that needs to be taken seriously and treated correctly. No matter your age or the thing that is causing you to feel stressed, you should find an alternative that is perfect for you and try to avoid stress as much as possible. With these healthy solutions, you will be able to calm and handle your stress correctly before and during your important job interview and get that job!

Exercise – This might seem like a very simple and useless solution to a big problem, but in reality, it is one of the most effective. Exercise is good for many things. It has been shown to help with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, calm anger and fear and most importantly, relieve the body and mind of stress. Physical activity distracts the mind and allows you to put a stop to the negative stressful thoughts you have been suffering from.

Physical activity is also known to cause a sensation of euphoria, which is due to the brain releasing chemicals into the body. This feeling of euphoria will relieve stress, physically and emotionally and improve overall moods. When it comes to exercise, you can choose whatever is right for you. Depending on your schedule and your preferences, you can choose a sport, a routine or a simple walk around the neighborhood to relieve yourself from stress.

Lemon Balm Tea – This solution to stress might also seem simple but it is also effective. This calming tea has been shown to relieve anxiety and stress, improve alertness and increase focus. It is a great alternative to coffee, for coffee, has been shown to increase stress and make it harder to handle. If you are feeling stressed about your job interview, try a relaxing cup of lemon balm tea instead of coffee and your stress will decrease greatly. 5

Lavender Oil – You have probably heard of lavender oil or at least smelled it. This essential oil is used in countless products; including beauty and self-care products, perfumes and medicines. However, lavender oil is incredibly effective in calming stress and anxiety by literally calming the nervous system and thus the mind and body. It can be used topically on clothing or skin or applied to bath water for a relaxing, calming soak. The scent of the lavender oil is what helps stress, so you can simply keep it close by before your job interview and receive its benefits.

Laugh! – Laughing has many benefits to our mental health. It helps relieve stress and anxiety and simply improves our mood. If your stress levels are high because you’re thinking of a job interview that’s approaching, a test or a date; laugh! Turn on your favorite TV show, watch your favorite comedian or look up some funny videos online and allow yourself to laugh and let go of the stress you are experiencing. Laughter is a healthy and simple way to cope with stress and it is very effective.

Take a Breath – When you are thinking too much of a stressful or exciting event that is going to happen, you naturally might react in a strong manner; however, when you find yourself beginning to feel stressed, try doing repeated deep breathing and positive thinking. This will allow you to reduce stress and feel good about what is to come. Try to put more positive energy into your thinking instead of negative; remind yourself that everything will be fine.

Talk to a Loved One – If you are feeling stressed about a job interview, test finals, a date or any big event; talk to your friend and family about how you feel. Feeling supported and listened to is more than helpful when it comes to stress management. Talk openly about what is making you stressed, why it is making you stressed and how you hope to deal with it. Simply talking about your stress to someone else will allow you to feel less serious or worried about it and the support you receive will help reduce the stress in your life.

Stay Positive

You’re not alone if you feel stressed, excited or anxious about your job interview; people of all ages experience the same reaction and it is completely natural. However, being a little excited or stressed about an interview does not have to become a big problem. Deal with the stress little by little and don’t let it become something that can affect your mental and physical health or your overall happiness. Remember everything is fine, stay positive and walk into that job interview feeling as confident as ever!

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